At My Consultant, we’ve modernized our operations a bit to help us better serve you, our valued client, and provide more services and features. As we implement the new features we will post about them here.

The new system allows us to provide you with more features and options with no increase in pricing. Included in this is better transparency into what we do via the use of a new ticketing system and an online portal to manage your account. Accordingly, we have made a few changes in how to contact us.

How to contact us

  • Through the system tray icon (explained below)
  • If you don’t have the icon on your desktop or for anything that is not of an urgent, need it now, nature, simply send an email to our support address. If you don’t have it, click here.

Both will generate a ticket and notify us of the whatever you need assistance with.

If it is of an urgent nature and needs to be handled immediately, please call us on any of our support lines:

  • 863-812-4447 is our main number
  • 863-220-9370 (textable) number (Those of you that have my cell number, that is also a valid and quick way to get a hold of us)
  • Most of you will have an icon that is located down by the clock (for windows users) or on the title bar up top (for Mac users) that looks like this. (If you don’t, please contact us)

  When you click on it the following options are available (and may change from time to time)

Click on the help request form and fill in the requested information.

This form will also allow you to take a screenshot and send it along to better explain what is going on.

Very Near Future

We are setting up and enabling an online portal for some of you to log in to. Through this portal you can monitor your tickets, access backup files (if subscribed to), gain remote access access to your machine off site (if subscribed to), etc…

If you are interested in these features, please contact us.