To resize images in batch using Windows 10 or 11

The problem some of us face is that image files copied from our phones and cameras are stored with huge file sizes to maintain the higher pixels of todays equipment. If you are working with multiple images at the same time, size can be a big problem. It also affects the amount of storage space we use and have to account for in backups and some of the images may be to large to fit where we need them.

There are numerous ways to solve this problem, complicated and easy. For our purposes here, we will focus on easy and simple. This applies to people that download multiple images from a phone or camera and need to store them with, let’s say, a job file.

First, copy all images into a temporary folder on your local hard drive. We will use this folder to work with the images, resize them and then copy the resized images over to the job file.

Second, (this only needs to be done once) download and follow the on screen instructions to install Image Resizer for Windows.

Third, restart your computer to complete the installation.

Fourth, after the computer has restarted, navigate to the temporary folder you stored your pictures in and select all the images you would like to resize.

Fifth, Right-click on the images you selected.

Sixth, on Windows 10, select “Resize Pictures”, on Windows 11, click on “Show more options” then select “Resize Pictures”

Seventh, select the options you want and click on “Resize”.

The process could be quick or take a while depending on the size of the photos you have selected. When completed, your resized images will save with the size appended to the file name.

Eighth, copy the resized images into the correct destination and you are done.