My Consultant Managed WiFi

Engage your guests and empower employees with secure, reliable, fully-managed WiFi.

WiFi attracts, engages and retains customers plus it enhances employee productivity.

WiFi is a requirement and expected amenity at many public places and venues such as hotels, cafes, quick serve and restaurants. It simply helps improve the customer experience and retains customer loyalty. Managing, maintaining and securing a private wifi network while enabling a quality end user experience requires attention and resources.

My Consultant Managed WiFi gives you the following:

    • Cost Savings - Pay for what you need now and scale up as your needs require
    • New Revenue Stream - Charge for guest WiFi or grant free access with marketing messages on the sign in splash page
    • Peace of Mind - a fully managed, secure WiFi system maintained by us that you don't have to worry about

My Consultant Provides Managed WiFi Solutions

Keep your business safe - Keep WiFi speeds fast and secure by splitting employee and guest into separate WiFi networks. Allow business assets to be accessible to employees only and fully secure against the guest network


  • Access points pull up configuration from the cloud at start up, no configuration required on site
  • Self-optimizing radio frequency performance
  • High performance 802.11ac Wave 2 WiFi standard
  • Seamless access - provide seamless WiFi internet access anywhere delivering both 2.4 and 5 ghz support
  • All access points work off of POE
  • Fast deployments
  • WiFi without worry
  • Can be managed end to end - we can provide survey, design, installation and training for on-site staff and an end user helpdesk

Transform challenges into accomplishments

Guest Network - Secure, reliable and fast

  • Guest wifi access with
    • Splash page customized to your location
    • Secure customer check in via facebook and click through template
    • Completely isolated from company network and each other
    • Separate ssid for guests or multiple ssids for guest based on service level
    • Ability to charge for higher more secure access and speed

    Drive business success with WiFi

    Let us worry about your security, reliability and field all complaints and service calls for your wifi network.

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