How to add events to calendar from Outlook for IOS

For those of you that use Outlook on your desktop and love the ability to make an appointment out of an email, you are in luck. The same functionality is available in Outlook for IOS, it just requires another step to make it happen.

I personally live and breath by this feature. It allows me to keep track of items that need attention in email and schedule my days around it. It allows me to handle much more in a day and not let things fall between the cracks. The email usually has all the info you need to accomplish the task right there and all you need to do is simply create an appointment in your calendar. Done, next.

To make this happen, click on the email in question to bring it into focus. You will find … (3 dots) to the right and click forward or simply click forward from the reply bar at the bottom. You will be greeted with several options, select forward. Be sure to click on ‘Load full message’ if you need the entire email in the notes section of the event you are about to create.

The toolbar at the bottom of the message will contain several icons. Select the one all the way to the left that looks like a folder with a + in it. This will allow you to convert it to an event in your calendar. Select ‘Convert to Event’ and the new event prompt will come up with everything already inserted, ready for you to select a date and time.

Once you have everything selected correctly click the checkmark in the upper right and you have created your appointment in your calendar with all the info from the email already loaded in.

This is a huge timesaver for me and allows me to make sure I pay attention to the email coming even if I don’t have time right at that moment to deal with it.