Advanced IT Security Services

Built to Withstand Modern Threats

A security program you can trust.

Technical Expertise you can count on

There is no place for security risk. Defend your reputation, stop irreversable finiancial and data loss, and other damage often resulting from someting small and insignificant. We offer only the very best advanced security services available to clients.

Managed Detection and Response

MDR – a mulit-layered approach to take care of, interpret, and respond to threats before they become an issue, 

Vulnerability Prevention

Accomplished with active monitoring of your systems via the many layers of protection we provide. 

Security Analysis

Technology is continuously evolving. Let us be an extension of your team to fight the battle is it unfolds.


We Have Solutions

A security program you can trust.

My Consultant, along with our partner, Sittadel, holds multiple security certifications including, CISSP, GDSA, and many others.

Let us craft a cyber security solution for your business to ease your mind and allow you to do what you do best.


Security Awareness Training

We provide highly interactive and entertaining trainings that go beyond a shame-based, boring lecture. These trainings develop your company’s human sensor, preventing phishing scams before they can happen!

Security Services

  • 24/7 Monitoring of your entire system
  • 60-second response time to incidents
  • A perfect track record of recovery

Security Audits

The need for audit expertise.

We are a trusted advisor that has extensive experience in audits.

Security Solutions

Put a stop to cyber threats ad have visibility into your infrastructure. Have a security expert in your corner


Our Approach to Security

Sittadel’s managed detection and response service (MDR) is the best way to protect any aspect of your business from cybersecurity threats. If your antivirus software and current security strategies fail, what happens next? Attackers can perform a devastating amount of damage in a matter of minutes. Sittadel is notified the instant suspicious activity is detected and catapults into action.

Why MDR?

  • 24/7 monitoring of your entire system
  • 60 second response time to incidents
  • A perfect track record of recovery

Preparation and Identification

We integrate with our team, install our state-of-the-art software, and begin monitoring for any sign of danger.

Containment and defense

As soon as a cyber attack starts, Sittadel impliments your defense plan and stops criminals in their tracks.

Repair and reporting

After fixing the problem, we provide extensive documentation of the issue in case you encounter any legal challenges.