My Consultant IT Support

Our team of professionals works with you to define, meet, and exceed all your IT Support needs. From Managed IT, Managed Network, Managed Voice, Managed Cloud, Managed WordPress and Managed IT Services to IT Consulting. 

Managed Services

Our goal is to make your daily operations more focused and effective. We streamline your systems and processes to make them more efficient, eliminate unnecessary security risks and deploy proven methods to help employees become more productive.

Managed WiFi

Engage your guests and empower employees with secure, reliable, fully-managed WiFi solutions from My Consultant

Managed Voice


End-to-end business telephone solution for locations across your business across the country and across the world. Our fully featured Managed Voice Service includes:

  • Advanced VOIP Technology
  • Covers all needs including equipment, installation and monitoring and control
  • Extensions to include smartphone use via apps tied directly into system
  • One partner for support
  • Single vendor and billing 

IT Support, Consulting & Services

Rely on us to make your IT hum while you make your business run.

Web Design, Consulting and Services

Responsive user-friendly websites help you reach potential buyers and build your brand.

Managed WiFI Services

Keep your business safe – Keep WiFi speeds fast and secure by splitting employee and guest into separate WiFi networks. Allow business assets to be accessible to employees only and fully secure against the guest network

Cloud Services & Consulting

Cloud Computing Fully Managed. Let us help you build, manage and maintain your cloud solution.

Communications Consulting & Services

Let us help you design and maintain a VOIP phone system. Affordable, flexible and big business presence for a small business price.

Managed IT Services

My Consultant can solve your greatest IT challenges by managing your entire network infrastructure, workstations, servers and everything in between. Don’t forget routers, switches and remote employees.


Since 2001, My Consultant has been providing on demand technical services, consulting and management services to hundreds of businesses from Pennsylvania to Florida. Our highly qualified team of professionals are experts in their field. Along with our vast resources and partnerships with suppliers, our clients are assured that partnering with My Consultant will keep them current and efficient in the ever changing field of technology.

My Consultant is flexible enough to supplement an internal IT department or fully manage all of your technology needs. My Consultant can accommodate you where you are today and grow with you as your needs change. Trust us to get you where you need to go with all of your technology.

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Our solutions make it safe and easy for you to share data, access data, and edit data from anywhere in the world, on any device, on the cloud.

My Consultant has several key solutions to meet the IT needs of small and medium sized businesses. Our products include cost effective solutions for file sharing, computing, disaster recovery, email, phone/VOIP and system hosting to keep your business secure and up to date.

Our vast experience and knowledge in the cloud services realm and our partnerships with key vendors, allow us to provide an unparalleled managed cloud IT experience. We make it easy to share information securely and easy with whatever technology you have. Allow us to ensure you get the best possible solution at the lowest price without sacrificing quality and security.

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